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Renovation Squadron Operations, Bldg. #44-AZ

Scope of work consists of the following:



Extensive renovation to Building 44 (Squadron Operations Facility). The addition of a Supervisor of Flying (SOF) control cab is shown in the drawings but now is labeled as not in contract. The existing Simulator Bays will not be affected unless noted otherwise. Both the basement and ground levels of building 44 consisting of approximately 51,000 gross square feet will be involved. HVAC including all duct work, grilles and equipment will be removed and replaced. Renovation will also require that all existing plumbing fixtures be removed and replaced. Existing roofing, including that over the Simulation Bays, will be removed and replaced involving approximately 35,000 square feet. All existing skylights will be removed and roofed over except one located near the entry which will be replaced.


There are 7 Options for this project. The design evaluates the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and communications requirements. This design consists of, but is not limited to:site work, interior walls and partitions, interior finishes, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, pre-finished metal fascia panels. Interior walls, finishes, and utilities must meet current code requirements and support functional requirements.