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general construction

General Construction

Complete General Construction including but not limited to complete construction Quality Control Management from inception to completion, Conceptual estimates, job scheduling, Civil, Architectural time and material projects, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC projects and underground utilities work.




new construction

New Construction

SDI has experience in this area including but not limited to completing concrete slabs on grade, masonry, stucco, structural steel joists and columns, pre-finished roof, all interior finishes (texture and paint), plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire alarm plus exterior landscape, asphalt paving, concrete walks and curbs and site utilities.







General construction, alterations, walks, grading, drainage, mechanical and electrical work, utility systems, necessary removal of existing structures and other items. Coordination of service tie-in such as water, electric, communications, fire alarm, wet sprinkler protection, steam and chilled water mechanical lines and medical gas had to have advanced



design build

Design Build

SDI’s experience includes design and builds of new buildings additions, retrofits of Fire Alarm, Wet Sprinkler Systems, FM-200 and Clean Agent Systems, AFFF Hangar systems. SDI has also designed and installed underground utilities, gas, water and sanitary sewers.




Mission Statement

At Southwestern Dakotah, we strive to embody our mission statement in every aspect of business. We believe that integrity, safety, quality and accountability are just a few of the core values that make us a superior construction company.

Our purpose is to provide unparallel construction services to government entities and agencies. The management of our construction projects will be based on the core values of the company: integrity, safety, quality and accountability. We will provide superior service in delivering top quality facilities that meet and satisfy real customer needs. We will continuously seek to improve our company through continuing education and real world experience


Company Facts

Established and incorporated in 1992

Operations Office:
3148 S Chrysler Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85713

Phone: (520) 663-0970
Fax: (520) 663-0989